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Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 3935F/G
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TermDescriptionReadings FoundPostmodernismthe culture of late capitalism classical elements What is Postmodernism embedded I modern techniques materials and stylesMANNcelebrates pluralism difference eclecticism recycling parodyingthere is no allbearing truth only subjectivity and relativismhyperrealitydiffrance deconstructionFrederick Jamesondescribes POMO as the culture of late capitalismMANNcoined the decline of metanarrativesPOMO merges all discourse into an undifferentiated wholePOMO characterized by pastiche and acrisis in historicityModernismReason and sciencetruthMANNHistorical progresspeople get better w techArtistic representation represent ideas in artCoherent selfsoulreason legal responsibilityEnlightenment Church of rational thoughPluralismPossibility for multiple interpretation of texts more MANNinclusiveDiffrancemeaning infinitely divertedMANNeclecticismdraws upon multiple theories or ideas to gain complementary insights into a subject or applies different theories in particular casesrecyclingRecycles past uses old forms sequels genres pop Notes MANN immersed with samples Titanic Pearl Harbour Blade MATHESONRunner Star Wars TransformersShaggy Angel of the Morning Moby
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