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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B
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The Nature and Importance of LeadershipThe Meaning of LeadershipLeadership The ability to inspire confidence and support among the people who are needed to achieve organizational goalsLeadership is needed at all levels in an organization and can be practiced to some extent even by a person not assigned to a formal leadership positionChange needs to come about from leaders at lower levels rather than relying exclusively on leadership from the topLeadership as PartnershipPartnership A longterm relationship in which the leader and the group members are connected in such a way that the power between them is approximately balancedPartnership occurs when control shifts from the leader to the group member in a move way from authoritarianism and toward shared decision makingFour things are necessary for a valid partnership to exist1 Exchange of purposeEvery worker at every value is responsible for defining vision and value2 A right to say noThe belief that people who express a contrary opinion will be punished runs contrary to a partnershipLose argument but not a voice3 Joint accountabilityEach person is responsible for outcomes and the current situationeach person takes personal accountability for the success and failure of the organizational unit4 Absolute HonestyWhen power is distributed people are more likely to tell the truth because they feel less vulnerableEmpowerment and team building support the idea of partnershipLooking at leadership as a partnership is also important because it is linked to an optimistic view of group members who want to perform well for the good of the organizationLeadership as a RelationshipLeadership isnt something you do to people Its something you do with themKen BlanchardResearch indicates that having good relationships with group members is a major success factor for the three top positions in large organizationsThe web of people is more important than the web of technology1
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