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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B
Milford Green

Chapter 12 Power Politics and EthicsPower The capacity to influence others who are in a state of dependence o Not always perceived or exercised o Does not imply poor relationship exists o Can flow in any direction Bases of Individual PowerLegitimate Power Power derived from a persons position or job o Formal authorityo Extremes are military and Universities o People socialized to accept it o Employees cite is as reason for following directives even across culturesReward Power Power derived from the ability to provide positive outcomes and prevent negative outcomes o Any member can achieve with praise compliments and flatteryCoercive Power Power derived from the use of threat or punishment o Lower level use worktorule o Generally ineffective and promotes resistanceReferent Power Derived from being well liked o Especially potent as people indentify with power holder and can be used by anyone in the organization Expert Power Having special information or expertise that is valued secretaries o Most consistently associated with employee effectiveness o Women managers perceived to have more than male onesHow do People Obtain PowerDoing the right things o Extraordinary activities Excellent performance in unusual or non routine activities o Visible Activities People who have interest in power are good at indentifying visible activities and publicizing themo Relevant Activities If irrelevant wont add influenceCultivating the right people o Outsiders Establishing good relationships with key people outside ones organization can lead to increased power within the organization o Subordinates Closely identify with up and coming people Can show he is backed by a cohesive team o Peers Good relations with peers is mainly a means of ensuring that nothing gets in the way of ones future acquisition of powero Superiors Liaisons with key superiors probably represents the best way of obtaining power through cultivating othersMentors can introduce the right information and people EmpowermentPutting power where needed o Empowerment giving the authority opportunity and motivation to take initiative and solve organizational problemsAuthority legitimate powerOpportunity freedom from barriers and other system problems
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