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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B

Wednesday October1712MOS 2181Unit2 Chapter 7Chapter 7Current Events in OBBullied Walmart employee gets 146 millionMan who makes inappropriate comment on Facebook about Amanda Todd girl who committed suicide gets firedUsing Teams is nothing new1994 Conference Board of Canada ReportSurvey N10980 used teams in workplaceBasic DefinitionsMakes No DistinctionGroup2 or more individuals interacting for a purpose but not a common goal such as our MOS classTeamA group whose collective effort is greater than individual input working towards a common goal a selfless mindsetDefiningClassifying GroupsFormal Work Groups vs Informal Groups Know the difference pg 218Why do People Join GroupsVarious reasonsSafety reasonsGroup Development StatesaFormingbStormingcNormingdPerformingeAdjourning1 Groups do not develop in a universal sequence2 The time of when groups formChange The way they work is consistent3 When a new person joins a group heshe has to catch up and orientate themselvesEvidence Based Management EBM Claim 1Gersicks Punctuated Equilibrium Researchon group developmentNot all groups develop in the same sequenceGroups with deadlines are affected by their first meetings and crucial midpoint transitionsThey may exhibit some of the stages noted earlier with a new cycle of storming following midpointPatrick LencioniThe 5 Dysfunctions of a Team1Lack of Trust unable to open up to each other2Fear of conflict3Lack of commitment to a decision no buyin4Unwilling to hold each other accountable
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