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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2275A/B
Henry Meredith

Chapter 14: Organizational development and Change Organization Development (OD)  A planned, organization-wide, continuous process designed to improve communication, problem solving and learning through the application of behavioral science knowledge o Roots in humanistic psychology o Grounded in values of individual empowerment and interpersonal cooperation o Fully consistent with the high involvement management approach  Understanding organization development o Casual variables  Organization structure  Controls  Policies  Training  Leadership behavior  OD o Intervening variables  Attitudes  Perceptions  Motivation  Skilled behaviors  Teamwork  Intergroup relations o End-result variables  Improved productivity  Increased sales  Lower costs  Customer loyalty  Higher earnings  Basic organization development model o Feedback  Diagnosis of situation: diagnostic device for managers include interviews, surveys, group sociometric devices, process-oriented diagnosis and accurate records  Introduction of interventions: organization development interventions include t-group training, team building, and job redesign  Progress monitoring: surveys and other techniques may be reused to determine what progress has been made toward solving the problem  The main criterion for evaluation is whether the original objectiv
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