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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2275A/B
Henry Meredith

Chapter 12 LeadershipWhat is the nature of leadership Leadership o The process of inspiring others to work hard to accomplish important tasksContemporary leadership challenges o Shorter time frames to accomplish things o Expectations for success on the first attempt o Complex ambiguous and multidimentional problemso Taking a long term view while meeting short term demandsManagement functions all overlapping relationshipLeading to inspire effort o Communicate the vision o Build enthusiasm o Activate commitment hardworkControlling to ensure resultsPlanning to set the directionOrganizing to create structuresLeadership characteristics leader emergenceTraits o Intelligence o Openness to experience o Extraversion highest correlation with emergence and performanceo Conscientiousness highest correlation with emergence o Emotional stability o High selfmonitoring Leadership emergence seem to be stable across the lifespanMotivation to lead o Affective identity motivation o Noncalculative motivationo Social normative motivation Leader performance o TraitsIntelligence highest correlation with performanceCharismaDominanceEnergyExtraversionOpenness to experienceAgreeablenessEmotional stabilitySelfmonitoringo NeedsType of needsPowerAchievementAffiliationLeadership motive patternHigh need for powerLow need for affiliation
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