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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2275A/B
Henry Meredith

Chapter 13 Work Groups and Teams What is a groupMultiple members 2 perceive themselves as a groupGroup rewardsCorresponding effectsCommon goalsWhy do people join groupsPsychological needs affiliation identificationSurvival needs emotional support assistance or helpCommonality common interests common goalsSituational reason physical proximity Factors affecting group performanceGroup cohesivenesso Group homogeneityHomogeneousheterogeneousslightly heterogeneous o Stability of membership o Isolation o Outside pressure o Group sizeSmaller is best for cohesivenessPerformance depends on task typeAdditive tasks o Ex Typing pool relay race bowling team car washingConjunctive tasks o Assembly line hikingDisjunctive tasks o Problem solving brain storming gold tournament o Group status Communication structure o Chain o Centralized o Circle o Open Group roles o Task orientedOffering new ideasCoordinating activities o Social orientedEncouraging cohesivenessEncouraging participation o Individual Blocking group activitiesCalling attention to oneself Presence of others o Social facilitation and inhibitionMere presence of othersComparison of performanceEvaluating apprehension o Social loafing
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