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Management and Organizational Studies 2275A/B

Chapter 5Negligence and Unintentional Tortsunintentional tort refers to law of negligencenegligence is unintentional because the defendant does not intend to do something harmfulthe blame worthiness of the conduct of the defendant is the defendants failure to take proper care to not harm othersStrict Liability Civil sensegenerally referred to as the rule in Rylands v FletcherRyland filled a reservoirfilled up Fletchers coal mineanyone who accumulates something nonnatural on his land is liableno matter how careful you are to avoid injuring others if you do the above you are liableex transporting hazardous wastemotor vehicle accident cases are often viewed in a strict liability mannerStrict Liability in the Criminal or QuasiCriminal admin sensein civil senseliability no matter how careful you arein criminal sensewhen charged with certain offences once the offence has been made out by the crown the accused person has the onus to show that he or she took responsible care to avoid the injuryif it is established then no criminal liabilityVicarious Liabilityemployers are liable for the actions of an employeetort is committed within the businessemployers or insurers pay employees usually cantno requirement for blameful conductProximate Cause
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