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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3325A/B

Ecommerce Review Exam The Areas of Focus 1 A5 2 The RBE 3 MetricsTraffic Vocabulary 4 Strategic Concepts 5 Advertising Models 6 Reading Prescriped A5Prepare to define and identify examples for Audience Aims approach Actions Assessment StrategyAudience o Understanding your customersDemographic segmentGeographic segmentChallenges and goalsAims o Goals and objectives for a retail enterpriseSales targetsLifetime customer valueTicket and basket sizeApproach o Bring together Audience and Aims toInform choicesUnify effortsGuide activities ImplementationActions o Specific activities of the retail enterpriseDesignContentTechnologyOperationsAssessment o Measure Gain Insight Re ActTaking actionable insights from metricsBenchmarking against industry standardsStrategically responding to marketplace shiftsThe RBE Prepare to define and identify examples for AcquisitionAcquisition ExperienceCreating desirable experiences to extend the length of visits o Interception rate o Waiting time o Average shopping time o The longer in a shop the likelier they are to buy ConversionInfluencing and eliciting desired behaviours from shoppers o Sales o Lead Generation o Looking at particular content o Getting more from every transactionBasket Size
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