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Management and Organizational Studies
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Management and Organizational Studies 3330A/B
Kevin Thompson

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SCM 6/21/2012 4:17:00 PM Supply Chain Management  Supply chain – a network of facilities, functions and activities involved in producing and delivering products or services from suppliers to customers  Supply chain management o Coordination of the movement of goods through the supply chain o Control of information such as sales data, sales forecasts, promotions and inventory levels Traditional Views of Supply Chains  Supplier  Manufacturer  Wholesale distribution  Retailers  Customers Network Views of Supply Chains  Active ingredients o Formulation  Tier 1 suppliers – primary packaging, secondary packaging  Packaging  Distributor o Retail pharmacy  Customer E-Supply Chain  Suppliers – manufacturers – wholesale distributors – retailers o Supply data…. Supply chain subjects  Logistics (activities) o Shipping and delivery, transportation costs, mode, lead time and traffic management  Highway – flexible  Rail or water – low cost  Pipeline – high volume o Distribution management  Facility location – proximity to customers, business climate, quality of labour, infrastructure  Positioning of inventory o Third party logistics  Outsourcing freight consolidation and distributive activities  International business  Purchasing (acquisition) o Ordering and receiving materials  Correct quality and quantity  Good price  On time o Purchasing cycle o Interface with accounting, engineering, legal debt, etc. o Develop a supplier base – select, evaluate and maintain sourcing  Sourcing (acquisition) o Selecting suppliers  Price  Quality  Service  Location  Inventory policy  Flexibility o Supplier selection strategies  Single sourcing  Quantity discount  More responsive  Frequent deliveries  Multiple sourcing  Competitive pricing  Spreading risks  Low dependence  Bullwhip effect – outcome of not paying attention to SCM principles (poor ops planning) o Increasing distortion of information along the supply chain  Customer demand gets distorted as info reaches suppliers o Contributing factors  High ordering costs, batch ordering and free return policy  Promotions and pricing that leads to forwa
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