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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3344A/B
Julie Schermer

Chapter 14: Workplace Wellness: Work-Family and Health Promotion Programs Work-Family conflict: a type of inter role conflict in which the role pressures experiences in the work and family domains are incompatible Family Friendly Policies - Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs): family-friendly policies that involve modifications to the traditional work schedule - Compressed Workweek: flexible work arrangements in which employees work full-time hours in fewer days/week - Job Sharing: flexible work arrangement in which two employees divide the responsibilities of a single position - Flextime: flexible work arrangement that permits employees to have variable stat and finish times to their workday - Telecommuting: flexible work arrangement in which an employee regularly makes use of telecommunications technology to complete work assignments away from the office; usually at home - Personal Leave Systems  for a chronically ill child - Family Care Benefits  day care and elderly care or subsidies dependent care Health Promotions: a combination of diagnostic, educational, and behavioural modification activites designed to support the attainment and maintenance of positive health Stress Management Programs - Cognitive-Behavioural Skills Training - Relaxation Training and Mediation - Increasing Social Support Lifestyle Changes - Smoking Cessation - Alcohol and Drug Testing Programs  discriminatory - Hypertension Screening (aka silent killer): elevated body pressure - Nutrition and Weight Control - Physical Fitness Programs  Level 1: focus on awareness and typically comprise newsletters, health fairs, screening sessions (BMI), posters and brochures  Level 2: last 8-12 weeks and attempt to achieve long term effects by fostering specific health- related habits  Level 3: support individual change by creating work environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle  healthy food in cafeteria, onsite gym CLASS NOTES: Overview: - Historically workplace wellness concepts were reactive o (Dealt with issues of health after conditions arose) - Recently emphasis has been placed on improving the health (and resiliency) of employees in the workplace in a proactive manner. o Resiliency: being able to deal with the distress in the workforce. - The National Quality Institute promotes healthy workplaces. - The Canada Awards for Excellence recognizes: o Holistic workplace health systems and organizations which provide: 1  Physical, social, personal, and developmental support, to improve the overall employee quality of life, both within and outside the workplace.  More problems occurred when employees are outside the work environment. - Assumption of health programs in the workplace: o Fit workers (both physically and mentally) are better workers. o Will benefit both the employees and the company as a whole. EAPs: - Many workplace health programs developed from employee assistance plans. - EAPs were developed to improve the life for workers. - Plans began with improving the working conditions. - Then to assisting in the meeting of basic physical needs of workers. - Then psychological needs by having on-site counselling services available. - Address: o Drug abuse o Stress o Financial and legal concerns o Family support worries (such as providing information about caring for children and/or elderly). - Some companies also include paid educational leave (for employee enhancement) - Emphas
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