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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3344A/B
Julie Schermer

Chapter 11: Emergency Planning 9/11 and SARS outbreak happened in workplaces In Canada emergency response is largely up to individuals and each individual is responsible for knowing what to do in an emergency - First, local emergency organizations respond  municipal emergency services - Next, each province and territory has an emergency measures organization (EMO) that is tasked with managing large-scale emergencies and with supporting local organizations is required - Finally, federal government and its agencies may become involved depending on the nature of the disaster Emergency Preparedness 1. Emergency: a sudden, generally unexpected occurrence or set of circumstances demanding immediate action 2. Can be naturally occurring or caused by humans 3. Disasters can be prevented or mitigated by effective emergency planning 4. 5 stage crisis management process 1. Signal detection  recognizing that an emergency is possible or imminent 2. Preparation  senior mgmt adoption of crisis management mindset, the creation of a response plan and introduction of response training 3. Damage Containment  consumes most of org’s cisis-management resources  Organizational support, EAPs and stress intervention 4. Recovery  developing short and long term plans to resume normal business 5. Learning  assessing & reflecting on the incident with a review to improve ops and procedures Precontact Stage - Emergency plan, emergency manager, fire plan, evacuation plan and medical attention plan - Emergency Plan 1. Hazard Evaluation  must evaluate hazards that could cause an emergency 2. Emergency Response Plan  response plan for different types of emergencies should be created  Written, published and posted  Everyone should know about them and where they are  There should be a published list of who is
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