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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3385A/B
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HRAdminChapter7SelectionTheStrategicImportanceofEmployeeSelectionSELECTION the process of choosing among individuals who have been recruited to fill existing or projected job openingsSelection begins when a pool of applicants has submitted their resumes or completed application forms as a result of the recruiting processSuccessful candidates must fit with the strategic direction of the organizationWhen an unsuccessful employee must be terminated the RS process must begin all over again and the successor must be properly oriented and trainedFirms must ensure that all their selection procedures are free of both intentional and systemic discriminationAnother legal implication is employer liability for negligent or wrongful hiringSupplyChallengesSELECTION RATIOthe ratio of the number of applicants hired to the total number of applicants of applicants hiredtotalof application selection ratioA small selection ratio such as 12 means that there are a limited number of applicants from which to select and it may also mean lowquality recruitsIf this is the case it is generally better to start the recruitment process over againTheSelectionProcessMULTIPLEHURDLE STRATEGY an approach to selection involving a series of successive steps or hurdlesoOnly candidates clearing the hurdle are permitted to move on to the next stepoClearing the hurdle requires meeting or exceeding the minimum requirements established for that hurdleoOnly candidates who have cleared all of the previous hurdles remain in contention for the position at the time that the hiring decision is being madeIt is through job analysis that the duties responsibilities and human requirements for each job are identified1StepOnePreliminaryApplicantScreeningInitial applicant screening is generally performed by members of the HR departmentApplication forms and resumes are reviewedthose candidates not meeting essential selection criteria are eliminated Then the remaining applications are examined and those candidates who most closely match the remaining job specs are identified and given further considerationStepTwoSelectionTestingTesting techniques provide efficient standardized procedures for screening large numbers of applicantTheImportanceofReliabilityandValidityReliabilityRELIABIITY the degree to which interviews tests and other selection procedures yield comparable data over time in other words the degree of dependability consistency or stability of the measures usedInternal consistencythe degree to which responses very together ValidityVALIDITY the accuracy with which a predictor measures what it is intended to measureDIFFERENTIAL VALIDITY confirmation that the selection tool accurately predicts the performance of all possible employee subgroups including white males women visible minorities persons with disabilities and Aboriginal peopleThree types of validityoCRITERIONRELATED VALIDITY the extent to which a selection tool predicts or significantly correlates with important elements of work behaviouroCONTENT VALIDITY the extent to which a selection instrument such as a test adequately samples the knowledge and skills needed to perform the joboCONSTRUCT VALIDITY the extent to which a selection tool measures a theoretical construct or trait deemed necessary to perform the job successfullyTestsofCognitiveAbilitiesIntelligenceTestsINTELLIGENCE IQ TESTS are tests that measure general intellectual abilities such as verbal comprehension inductive reasoning memory numerical ability speed of perception spatial visualization and word fluency2
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