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Management and Organizational Studies 3385A/B

HRAdministrationChapter6RecruitmentTheStrategicImportanceofRecruitmentRECRUITMENT the process of searching out and attracting qualified job applicants which begins with the identification of a position that requires staffing and is completed when resumes andor completed application forms are received from an adequate number of applicantsRECRUITERSa specialist in recruitment whose job it is to find and attract capable candidatesoUsually for large organizations small ones do it themselvesEmployerBrandingProactive employers are trying to obtain a competitive advantage in recruitment by establishing themselves as employers of choice through employer brandingEMPLOYER BRANDING the image or impression of an organization as an employer based on the benefits of being employed by the organizationEssentially a promise made to employees and their perception of how well that promise is deliveredInconsiderate recruiting practices can be brand suicide for companiesBranding throughout the recruitment processoCandidates experience when they go on the companys websiteoWhether HR sends an acknowledgement letter or email thanking each candidate who sends in a resumeoHow candidates are greeted by the receptionist when they make initial contact by phone or in personoExperience of the person who interviews themEmployer branding involves three stepsiTo define the target audience where to find them and what they want from an employeriiTo develop the employee value propositionthe specific reasons why the organization is a unique place to work and a more attractive employer for the target audience compared to other organizations1
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