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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3385A/B
Linda Eligh

MOS 3385 Final Exam ReviewChapter 8 Orientation and TrainingEmployee Orientation a procedure for providing new employees with basic background information about the firm and the jobSocialization the ongoing process of instilling in all employees the prevailing attitudes standards values and patterns of behaviour that are expected by the organizationReality Shock the state that results from the discrepancy between what the new employee expects from his or her new job and the realities of itShould sit down and establish workrelated goals with the new employeeProvide basis for early feedback and establishes a foundation for ongoing performance managementContent of Orientation Programs o GivenHandbook includes company history and mission hours and attendance expectation vacations and holidays payroll benefits and pensions work regulations and policiesTour of facilities and introduction to coworkers Explanation of job procedures duties and responsibilitiesSummary of trainingExplanation of performance appraisal criteriaSpecial Orientation Situations o Diverse workforce o Mergers and Acquisitions o Union v NonUnionized Employees o MultiLocation OrganizationsProblems with Orientation Programs o Too much information is given in a short period of time overwhelmed o Not enough information or no orientation is providedCommon with parttime or contract workers o Information is too broad not meaningful enough to remember or too detailed not able to remember it allEvaluation of Orientation Programs o Employee reaction interview or survey new employee for their opinion on the usefulness o Socialization effects review new employees at regular intervals to assess progress towards understanding beliefsnormsvalues of the organization o CostBenefit analysis compare orientation cots with the benefits gained by orientationExecutive Integration o Can take up to 18 months for full integration o Key aspectsIndentifying position specificationsProviding realistic information to candidates and providing support regarding reality shockAssessing each candidates previous record at making organization transitionsAnnouncing hiring with enthusiasmStressing the importance of listening as well as demonstrating competency and promoting more time spent talking with the bossAssisting new executives who are balancing their work to change cultural norms Training Process o The process of teaching basic skillscompetencies to employees that they need to perform their jobsDevelopment training of a long term nature o Increased training can strengthen employee commitmentImplies faith in the future of the company and the individual o Three types of learning styles auditory visual kinestheticEasier for trainees to understand and remember meaningful materialEnsure that it is easy to transfer new skills and behaviours from training to the jobTrain managers first and employees secondMotivate the traineeEffectively prepare the traineeFiveStep Training Process 1 Needs AnalysisTask analysis detailed study of a job to identify the skills and competencies it requires so that an appropriate training program can be institutedTask Analysis Record FormPerformance analysis verifying that there is a performance deficiency and determining whether that should be rectified through training or other means ex transferring the employeeDistinguish between a cant do and wont do o Ex cant do dont have the proper tools employees dont have the required skills wont do employees could do a good job but dont look at revising incentive programEstablishing training objectivesWhat can the employee accomplish after completing the training program 2 Instructional DesignTraditional Training TechniquesOnTheJob Training learning by performing the job o Inexpensive no need for offjob facilities facilitates learningApprenticeship Training becoming a skilled worker by studying under a master craftsperson
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