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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 4410A/B
Raymond Leduc

4410 Strategy Video SummariesThe Secret Origins of Corporate Strategy Secret intellectual historyoMost people dont know the role of management consultantsoPeople dont know about what consultants do in generalaffect so many companies destiniesoPeople havent heard about the heroes of the bookBruce Henderson Companies didnt always have strategiesstarted in the 60s70soCompanies had a way of thinking in a systematic and integrative way about cost competitors and customersHenderson founded the Boston Consulting Groupfirst began to put forward those ideasStrategy has succeededall companies have a strategy now they are installed and developed furtherAfter Henderson Bill Blaine his best salesman picked up the ball and left BCG and formed his own company Michael Porter introduced Strategies into academicsrevolutionized it at HBS90sprocess engineering and reengineering thinking systematically about globalization and migrated down to industry by industry level more granularToday o some companies say they dont do strategies but they mean they dont do strategic planning but you still have to know who your customers competitors and costs areo they are adaptivegather info from everyone in the organization and feeding it back into the strategy in order to adapt itTom Petersyou cant just have strategy based on numbers you have to think about the peopleToday the Strategy people and People people are mergingThe recession whos fault was itoStrategy experts say it w
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