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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 4410A/B
Raymond Leduc

Chapter 7 Video Summaries McDonalds Global and Local Strategy by Richard LynchAble to deliever major economies of scale and scope from its international operationsCan recover costs of other franchiseLocal Strategy 1Local tastes and customerthey source quality beef to well developed global standards but some countries dont eat beef India and a bit of China Local menu variationsveggie dishes in India needs to cater to local tastes 2Local Competitionneeds to be able to position themselves against them3Local Government Lawswhat can and cant be sold in fast food restaurants 4Local Franchises Operationscooperative strategy in which a firm develops a business concept and then offers it to others in the form of a contractual relationship oDesign guidance on grills training mngrs for standardized product deliveryoIf HQ makes key decisions how do you motivate franchisees to perform betterSolutionlocal promotions controlled by franchisee5Local Service Qualityproducts cooked locally in each restaurants local people delivering foodThe Product Life CycleSeries of stages products go through1Introduction StageoNot much awarenessfocus on raising awarenessadvertising XP are heavy here oNo profit earnedoperating at a lossoProducts in intro stage at the time of video 3D television electric vehicles oHigh failure rate little competition often times first to market2Growth StageoSales are increasing attract more customers profit shows more competition so more pr
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