Case Review- how to do a case in depth. Follow exactly for the exam. Qualitative and Quantitative descriptions.

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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 4410A/B
Maria Ferraro

1 State the Industry the company operations within 2 Identify the companys VisionMission if applicable 3 Identify Strategic Objectives a Financial i Discuss the stockholders stakeholders ii Profits company stock price growth expectations iii Market share b Non Financial i How the company operates ii Discuss the leadership structureworkforce iii Current operations 4 Identify current Business Strategy a Does it make sense Why or why not Is it Proactive b Is it in line with the companys values and structureEVALUATE 1 IndustryFive Forces examine the industry not the individual company a Rivalry Among Competitors i STRONG 1 Rivals activemaking moves to increase market share 2Of rivals are roughly 512equal in company size 3 Switching costs among buyer are low for brands ii WEAK 1 Buyers demand growing rapidly 2 Buyers switching costs are high 3 Rivals move infrequently in nonaggressive mannerb Barrier to Entry i STRONG 1 Pool of candidates is large 2 Low capital requirementattractive profits are available
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