Circuit City- Extra case, suggested to do to prepare for exam. Here is full case completed.

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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 4410A/B
Maria Ferraro

Industry consumer electronic retailer appliances as wellIdentifyCompanies operating philosophy was embodied in the 5 SsSelection Saving Service Satisfaction Speed Identify Strategic ObjectivesFinancial Provide customer connivence and offering own private label credit cardNonFinancialTo achieve leading market share in each served market in order to benefit from advertising and logistics synergiesWhen entering a new market multiple store were added at the same timeAll stores were served from a distribution warehouse within 500 miles Continued expansion to protect market shareIdentify Current Business StrategyProtect self by acquiring business that had room for growth no other strong box plater was successful and where current retail and management skills may give an advantageCarMax DivxCustomer Satisfaction was a major priority tracked with surveys30day money back guaranteeprice matching 110 would refund if found a price cheaper elsewhereCommissioned sales councilors trained to provide expert adviceService and repair departments available in storeGoods purchased centrally but merchandising done at regional level reflecting different customers tastePricing was central but store managers could adjustretail storeEvaluate1 IndustryPower of Suppliers ModerateHigh they produce new products technology and Circuit City must purchase in order to be able to compete with competitorsex cant refuse to carry sony products becaus
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