Review of what will be on exam from chapter 9-16

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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 4485F/G
Nancy Platt

REVIEW SESSION75 questions5 written by the prof when you see abcd they are from the class know all of the etc and CHAPTER 9Pg240 what are some of the key factors of employee retentionan organizational culture that values and nurtures Career planningmotivations etcCareer developmentlifelongRoles for career developmententrepreneurial rolesSKILLS self motivation etc individuals roleNEXT PAGE managerial rolesfeedback etc Pg 244research by john Hollandvocation preference testwhat people are attracted to what joborientations etc GATBaptitudescommonly usedquestion if I were an hr professional what test would I useKNOW why how who and whenEdgar skeins career anchorsthat you will not give up technical functional managerial competence etc Pg 253on the job management development techniquesdevelopment job rotation KNOW the pros of it coaching action learningreleases the manager from the day to day to work on other projectsknow the advantages and disadvantages pros and cons to role playingtakes more than an hour to completeCHAPTER 10 Pg 281 figure 103 alternation rankinggo back to pg 272 they have the way you can do the rankingthis is person is at the top bottom etc the way to get more structure is paired comparison methodand theres a chartCHAPTER 11figure 111Pg 299know the total rewards what they used to be and what they are nowprevious management approachshould be bulletsperformance and recognitionbefore it used to be called work experience
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