Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B Final: FInal Exam Notes - Ch 9-15.docx

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MOS 1021A/B Full Course Notes
MOS 1021A/B Full Course Notes
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Attitude a lasting general evaluation of people (including one"s self), objects, or issues. Attitude object anything toward which a person has an attitude tangible (brand of vodka) or intangible (drunken driving) General applies to more than one momentary event. Cognition affect behaviour attitude based on cognitive info processing. The careful choice process often results in a type of brand loyalty. Buyer is motivated to seek out a lot of info, weigh alternatives and come to a thoughtful decision. Cognition behaviour affect attitude based on behavioural learning processes. Only collected minimal info and has an emotional response only after consuming. Consumer"s choice is reinforced by good or bad experiences with the product after. Initially does not have a strong preference for one brand purchase. Consumers are not motivated to process a lot of complex brand-related info involvement paradox: the less important the product is to consumers, the more important the marketing stimuli needs to be (packaging, jingles)