Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B Study Guide - Human Resource Management, Markov Chain, Iso 9000

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MOS 1021A/B Full Course Notes
MOS 1021A/B Full Course Notes
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Moving from thinking about people as consumers to thinking about people as employees: many common threads, contributions from social science disciplines, environmental issues and the open systems perspective. Chapter 1 challenges of human resource management: pattern, hr processes and activities, discussion of line and staff, challenges, shrm. Human resource management: integrated set of processes, programs, and systems in an organization that focuses on the effective deployment and development of its employees. The small business owner saves money, time, and resources by outsourcing tasks such as accounting and payroll: human resources information system (hris): a technology system that provides data for purposes of control and decision making, technology and quality. It influences hrm in three ways: operational impact, enhancing services to line managers and employees. Six sigma: a process used to translate customer needs into a set of optimal tasks that are performed in concert with one another. Two types of corporate strategy: restructuring strategy, growth strategy.

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