Management and Organizational Studies 2275A/B Study Guide - Final Guide: Financial Statement, Ginger Beer, Small Claims Court

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Malette vs. shulman - jehovah"s witness blood transfusion: battery, important to her that the conduct of the doctor be given judicial judgement. Fortey vs. canada - police didn"t bring teen to hospital: guardian ad litem, fortey sued for negligent omission - not fulfilling the duty of care - and won. Infringement of his charter right to free speech by the government. Hill wasn"t acting as capacity as government when he sued - acted as an individual. Infringement of his common law right to freedom of expression. The right a person"s protection of their reputation trumps the right to make false statements destroying that reputation: new york times vs. sullivan precedent in the united states supreme. Canadian supreme court did not adopt the precedent in canada. Law of defamation is broader, free speech is narrower: enjoys qualified privilege: in certain circumstance, people can make defamatory statements without being charged with defamation (lawyer acting in the best interest of the client)