Management and Organizational Studies 2275A/B Study Guide - Promissory Note, Volvo P1800, Mutual Fund

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2. 5 calc nominal interest ratep=2000 s=3000 t = 15yrs, annually. A pnote dated for april 5, 2010 is due on oct. On june 7, 2011, the holder has it discounted to a bank that charges j4=3. 5%. =payments made at end of payment period (starts 1 period before payment period) You need us 1yr from now and can invest funds in a us-dollar account for the next year at j1=6%. Alternatively, you can inv in a c-dollar account for the next year at j1=6%. = 0. 91us =1c, what is the implied exchange rate 1 yr from now. 3. 2 ian deposits r dollars every 3 mths begin march 17, 2006 to sept 17 2009, after which deposits 2r beginning dec 17, 2009 until june 17. 2015, when he will have j4=6% what is. 2. 6 ian borrows 3000, due in 2 years, j12=9%ian repays 1000 in 6mths, 1500 in 12mths and in. If money is worth j2=6%, what is x.

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