Management and Organizational Studies 2320A/B Study Guide - Final Guide: Fixed Cost

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MOS 2320
Breakeven Point
= Fixed Costs ($) / Contribution-per-Unit ($)
Contribution-per-Unit ($)
= Price ($) Variable Costs Per Unit ($)
Total Variable Costs ($)
= Variable Costs ($) x Unit Quantity
Total Costs ($)
= Fixed Costs ($) + Total Variable Costs ($)
Total Revenue ($)
= Price ($) x Unit Quantity
Price Elasticity of Demand
= % Chane in Quantity Demanded / % Change in Price
% Change in Quantity Demanded
= Quantity Demanded After Change / Quantity Demanded Originally
% Change in Price
= (New Price Original Price) / Original Price
Gross Rating Points
= Reach x Frequency
Return on Investment
= Sales Revenue Ad Cost / Ad Cost
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