Management and Organizational Studies 3322F/G Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Maximum Exposure, Satellite Radio, Typography

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Communicate with consumer to persuade/remind them about your product. The steve jobs fashion evolution 1998 to 2010 levis 501 & black turtle neck; 1998 reposition 501 to something different. Levi"s ad not aired in canada (considered provocative) secrets and lies. Public relations, sponsorship oprah used toed to be huge in public relations; levi"s unbuttoned & out of the. Levi"s unbuttoned 501 target market 16 to 21 year old male. The overall goal of communications is to deliver the same message through a variety of media in order to have a synergistic impact on the target. Synergistic the whole (integrated campaign) should be greater than the sum of the individual parts. Imc: the coordination of all marketing communications in a unified program that maximizes the impact on the intended target audience. A form of marketing communications designed to stimulate a positive response from a defined target market. The delivery of a message to a target audience.

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