Management and Organizational Studies 4410A/B Study Guide - Final Guide: Lemar, Swot Analysis, Brand Loyalty

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Mos 4410 krispy kreme case study. Mission sell doughnuts and beverages at our own stores; sell the doughnut mix and equipment, sell franchises have 3 different income statements for each part of the business provide a hot doughnut experience. Vision no clear vision statement make recommendation. Increase beverage sales to 20% of store revenue. Good exam case a lot of information given. Substitutes lots of substitutes bagels, muffins, baked goods. Degree of rivalry competition versus rivalry there is a lot of competition but the rivalry is moderate and two companies hold a dominant % of the market share. Power or buyers lots of places to buy doughnuts, low switching costs, lots of substitutes. Power of suppliers low a lot of companies manuf the doughnuts on their own and there are a lot of suppliers and the raw materials are easy to find. The stronger you are in this industry, the more $ you can grab.