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Western University
Microbiology and Immunology
Microbiology and Immunology 2500A/B
John Mc Cormick

Kang 1 All living things have NUCLEIC ACIDS (DNA)- only viruses can have DNA or RNA. Nucleic acids: A:T or G:C (A:U in RNA) P-ate bonds Sugars bases DNA replication= Semiconservative (unwind and both strands copied) Direction of replication: Template read 3’-5’ & Product made 5’-3’ DNA viruses - Can be DS or SSDNA - SSDNA must go through DSDNA stage to make more SSDNA RNA viruses- most RNA viruses are SS (some DS) - SSRNA viruses 1. + sense (can be translated to make a protein) 2. – sense (cannot be translated to make a protein) 3. ambisense (has both + and – sense on the single strand) - DSRNA viruses RNA viruses information flow -RNA virus must carry the RdRp with it because it cannot translate –RNA right away +RNA virus doent need to carry it because it can translate its RNA into the RdRp in the cell, then use it **HOST CELLS DO NOT HAVE RdRp DSDNA= proviral dna can i
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