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Microbiology and Immunology
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Microbiology and Immunology 2500A/B
John Mc Cormick

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Dimorphic Fungi - grow as both yeast or mold- dep. on conditions - acquired by inhalation (except sporothrix) Yeasts Molds - Single cell - Hyphae - no hyphae - Spores - infections endogenous (except cyptococcus) - Inhalable A. Candida albicans A. Hyaline molds - #1 causing infection - Penicillium- most common - Thrush, vaginitis - Aspergillus- spores everywhere, 1 direction, - satellite lesions fungus ball in lung - immunocomp= invasive infections - Dermatophytes- cause tinea pedis, corporis, - identify via germ tubes capitis (kerion) B. Cryptococcus neoformans B. Dermataceous molds - from birds - chromoblastomycosis- disfiguring infection - capsule- major VF - chronic meningitis in AIDS ppl C. Aseptate-Mu
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