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Microbiology and Immunology
Microbiology and Immunology 2500A/B
John Mc Cormick

Lec 1- Summary Infection & Immunity: - Interplay between Host and Infectious agent (Bacteria, Fungi, Virus, Parasites, Prions) - Innate Imm- first defence, Non-speific - Adaptive Imm- specific, has memory Infectious disease: - Major cause of human mortality (thorugh history) - Life expectancy has increased because of control of infections (hygiene, drinking water) Low income countries High income countries - Top causes of death = infections - Top causes of death = cancers, diabetes, CV diseases - Lots of deaths in YOUNG kids - More deaths in OLD people Epidemiology: - Endemic: continuously present, STABLE state, able to find new hosts - In small pop’n, cannot find new hosts, therefore “burns out”… non- immune people rise, and can be infected from outside.. become epidemic - Epidemic: affecting large # of people at the same time. Eg HIV- not steady, spreading - Pandemic: an epidemic at an inter-continental scale Do they evolve to become more virulent? - NO, they evolve to become transmitted- they want to survive, not kill host a.s.a.p. - 3 outcomes of “new” infection - host immunes sys overwhelms agent - agent overwhelms & kills host- not transmitted - agent replicates, and transmitted- may or may not kill host - New agent may kill a lot, but as both adapt, it becomes less virulent GOOD microorganisms - MAJORITY are NOT pathogenic 13 14 - Microbiota- 10 -10 microorg’s in our body- mostly in GI tract
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