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Microbiology and Immunology
Microbiology and Immunology 2500A/B
John Mc Cormick

Lec 3- Summary - Fast incubation & death (2-4 dyas) - Fever, black pustulues, vomiting blood Plague pandemics: st 1 - Plague of Justinian (541-2 AD) - Mediterranean, italy, europe - Yerisnia pestis- sequenced genome from teeth from mass graves - 50% of pop’n died - Continued in cycles = total 100 mill ppl killed nd 2 - The Black death (1340’s) - Originated in Asia, reached Europe in 1340s - Reduced global pop’n from 450-350 mill - Killed 25 mill (1/3) of Europeans - “plague doctors”- many sprouted, masks, etc - No real treatment- blootletting - God’s anger/satan’s influence – killed witches/strangers - The feudal system – destroyed- bc new opening of positions- doctors, gravediggers, etc 3 - Mid-19 century - Started in china in 1850s- active for 100yrs - 12mill deaths in india and china - Reached Sanfran in 1900.. now established in SW usa Yersinia - Gram negative rods, facultative anaerobes (use O but don’t need it) - 3 species pathogenic: - Y. enterocolitica- yersiniosis- diarrhea/pain - Y. pseudotuberculosis- animals, TB like symptoms - Y. pestis- plague Y. Pestis - very very vey virulent- NOT efficient colonizer, bc just KILLS - death (2-4 dy) by sepsis, pneumonia, respiratory failure Pathogenesis - Live in rodents, transmitted by fleas (ZOONOTIC path- animals to humans) - Biofilm blocks flea’s proventriculus→starve fleas →bite around & regurgitate Y.pestis in host - Very low infective dose (10 cells) - Survives & grows in macrophages → go to lymph nodes →swelling buboes - Grow extracellulary as well - Terminal stage- high conc of bacteria in blood.. easy for fleas to transmit Evolution - Evolve from Y. pseudotubeculosis (last 20000yrs) - Acquired: VF plasmids biofilm formation, flea toxin phospholipase D- tosurvive in fleas plasminogen activator- dissemina
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