Media, Information and Technoculture 2200F/G Study Guide - Final Guide: Structural Marxism, Labour Power, Louis Althusser

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Louis althusser (cid:498)ideology and the ideological state apparatus(cid:499) It must reproduce the material means of production. Ideology is made physical/concrete by objects in the world: how does a society ensure ongoing submission to the rules of the. )t must reproduce labour power, or the worker(cid:495)s capacity to work. The )sas function (cid:498)massively and predominantly by ideology, but they also function secondarily by repression(cid:499) (cid:523)(cid:883)38(cid:524) Both the rsas and the isas interpellate but the isas do the lions. Subjected being share of the work (162) If the isas reproduce the relations of production, althusser has in effect. Deconstructed the base/superstructure opposition: he says the reproduction of class relations happens not in the base but in the superstructure. Structural marxist: some elements of structuralism in his work, but he was also critical of many aspects of it. How does capitalist society reproduce itself: reproduce the material means of production, reproduce labour power, reproduce the relations of production.

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