Media, Information and Technoculture 2200F/G Study Guide - Final Guide: Gregor Mendel, Technological Determinism, Mark P. Mccahill

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Final Exam Key Words:
Printing Press & its impact
The scientic revolution
The inductive method
The Reformation and Martin
Luther Humanism
Industrial revolution
Charles Darwin
Gregor Mendel
Evolution & dominant/recessive
genes and the importance of
these to challenging narratives
of the Church
Rene Descartes
Hyperbolic doubt
John Locke
David Hume
Sigmund Freud
Id, Ego and Super Ego
Edward Bernays & ‘torches of
Charles Babbage
Alan Turing
The 9 Objections to his
hypothesis that computers can
be as intelligent as humans
J.C.R Licklider
APRA – Advanced Research
Project Agency
Alan C. Kay
Ted Nelson
Tim Burners-Lee
Marc Andreesen
Google Bombing
Gerard Salton
‘A Theory of Indexing’
Alan Emtage
Mark McCahill
Matthew Gray
Wandex – First web crawlers
Jerry Young & David Filo
Sergey Brin and Larry Page
Anatomy of a search engine
Google verticals
Wikipedia and Jimmy Wales
Information society
Post-industrial society
White collar revolution
3 sectors of the economy
- endodermal
- mesodermal
- ectodermal
Schement and Curtis’ 6
categories of the Information
Macro Narrative
Meso Narrative
Micro Narrative
Issues of the Info Society:
- Global inequality
- Sustainability
- Safety
- Space
- Orwellian or Digital
- Intelligent City
- Corpus Digital
- Creative Info Society
- Post-Info Society
Digital media literacy
Digital immigrant
Principles of the Internet
Microburst gratication
Technological determinism
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