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Media, Information and Technoculture 2500A/B Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Crowdsourcing, Ipad, Scientific Management

Media, Information and Technoculture
Course Code
MIT 2500A/B
Study Guide

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How to prepare for exam
What will be on the exam?
Compare and contrast between weeks.. this move weve made into the information
Look through questions.
Extend material in ways that are beyond the simple way in lecture or reading
Summarize an answer in questions
Notes from class
Readings (47 pages)
Response 4…
Relate weeks!
Overview for each lecture
Key terms – summarize, associate
Grid mix and match
Lecture slides – important concepts/ kepy terms
Import notes, lecture material, examples on readings
Work across themes/readings
Don’t have to remember everything
Know examples that apply to key themes and terms
Opinion – back up
Printed readings
WANTS ROOSEVELT…. (nothing important) but definitions from that week:
industrialism, progress, accumulation, future, technocratic, tech ads analyzed,
Definitions – qualities, bullet points, clips, interesting to you
Other authors?
Know stuff, access quickly – highlight
Tenner and Law – important terms
September 26 reading – examples of Sept 19
Toffler – binary thinking
Ideas of progress, new terms
Panopticon – KEY TERM
Marx capital – KEY – he said in lecture what’s important
Ritzer – review
Franklin, Jefferson, Webster, Gillette, Ford, NTY: Taylorism, Cohen – ways that
those concepts play out – use to illistrate whats important
Who they are the authors, what time periods, some historical narrative (what
Capitalism, enlightment, industrial evolution, industrialism, post-industrialism,
taylorism, fordism, the posts
How does one term bounce off another term?
He will give specific readings.. what do u think about it etc
Summarize lecture, readings, and examples, key notes - specific
Key issues in video clips
Talk about why they’ve been paired together
“mcdonalds presents a rationalized environment (says who, terms? Examples?
Part two: connect themes terms, between weeks
Lecture, readings, quote, illustrative examples, clips etc
Support answers
Intro, themes, evidence, references, conclusion
Not formal essay
First week
Culture vs. technology
technological culture – merged together
Enmeshed, interweaving
no binary difference
argue that its an apartus/tool – much more complicated
economic system, labor force etc..
law- actor-network theory constantly changes
technology has agency just like social has agency
agency – active, create change, tech. has needs/limitations of what u can say (ex. Twitter)
adapted in communicating
Thinking instead of defining thing
Meaning is fixed
Culture – binary thinking
apparatus, rules, system
Technology – overlaps..
Tenner 3 different ways of describing technology
Meaning is ordered or fixed – how culture and tech interact
Determinism – law calls it binary thinking
Ex: guns don’t kill people, people do (social determinist – removing technology – focuses
on social)
Violence in society
Binaries : not good… defines itself by not being something else
Grass and trees: historical periods that they are associated with
How is law concerned?
Tenner: technology and technique: mac pc ad
How does the relation between tech and social interact
Tenner is interested in technique, social
Need skill.. belief
Identity, symbolic meaning
Identify yourself by using things