Media, Information and Technoculture 3214F/G Study Guide - Final Guide: Jimmy Dorsey, Ender Wiggin

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Enders enemy after they cheated and isolated him. Bonzo in bathroom, ender was alone had to survive. Graff centres ender out on shuttle making boys instantly hate him. Bonze felt threatened because of young leader pg. 109 211. We obey higher powers to satisfy their desires. Survival of the fittest those who cannot withstand opposing, threatening factors will not exist. Love can drive individuals to choose undesirable decisions. We feel more comfortable in an avatar of ourselves then our actual selves. Then korean man says take the money (cuz he thinks that what he wants) But dfens just wants cheaper coke i"m not a thief, just protecting my rights as a consumer . Latino"s search for dfens to kill him after he assaults. Dfens has to buy a coke in order to get change. Latino men defending their territory because they are threatened by a white man wrote in. Man on golf course doesn"t want an average white man on course.

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