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Music 2701A/B Study Guide - Final Guide: Duple And Quadruple Metre, Damon Runyon, Hemiola

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Music 2701A/B
Kristina Baron-Woods
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Coloratura- elaborate ornamentation of a vocal melody, especially in operatic singing by a soprano
Musical play- includes newly americanized european operetta and english comic opera, vaudeville,
variety show, musical comedy, african-american musical styles, ragtime, jazz, early blues
Operetta- a short opera, usually on a light or humorous theme and typically having spoken dialogue
Ostinato- a continually repeated musical phrase or rhythm
Leitmotif- a recurrent theme throughout a musical or literary composition, associated with a particular
person, idea, or situation.
11 o'clock song- theatre term for a big, show-stopping song that occurs late in the second act of a two-
act musical, in which a major character, often the protagonist, comes to an important realization
Pointillism- a technique of neo-impressionist painting using tiny dots of various pure colors, which
become blended in the viewer's eye
Impressionism- a movement in painting originating in France in the 1860s, concern with depicting the
visual impression of the moment, especially in terms of the shifting effect of light and color.
Quotation- the practice of directly quoting another work in a new composition. The quotation may be
from the same composer's work or from a different composer's work
Dies irae melody- From thirteenth century Roman Catholic Requiem Mass (Mass for the Dead)
Dies irae (Latin) translates as “Day of Wrath”, First four notes of “Swing your razor wide, Sweeney”
Cantata- a medium-length narrative piece of music for voices with instrumental accompaniment,
typically with solos, chorus, and orchestra. From the Italian word "cantare" which means to sing, usually
based on scripture or a religious theme, dramatic, tells a story but is unstaged
Syncopation- a variety of rhythms which are in some way unexpected, making part or all of a tune or
piece of music off-beat. a disturbance or interruption of the regular flow of rhythm
Hemiola- a musical figure giving the effect of a shift between triple and duple meter.
Concept album- Gauges popularity of music before producing a show, allowed music to permeate pop
charts before staging people went into theatre knowing hit songs
Runyonesque- Reminiscent of Damon Runyon. a term used because his type of stories were so famous
Polyphonic- producing many sounds simultaneously; many-voiced, many different parts sung at the
same time
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