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Henry Meredith

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Lecture 9 -- Wednesday, October 5, 2011  Happy birthday o Meter: triple o Accent falls on main beat most of the time  Polyphonic – many sounds  If many songs work together = quodlibet or partner song o 2 or more songs that are performed together o Things that only have 5 notes tend to fit o With 5 tones called pentatonic o Quodlibet can be accomplished as long as the songs are pentatonic and the songs are in the same key  One of the pieces on the Italian concert we heard was a piece by Verdi o Giuseppe Verdi in Italian means Joe Green in Englisth:-) o Verdi was a very popular composer in Italy in the 19 century, when Italy was in political turmoil o Giuseppe Verdi birthday: October 10, 1809 o Politically, his name became a slogan  “Viva Verdi” = slogan  Royalists that wanted to give their support for the king  Each letter became a word: V E R D I  V: Vittorio  E: Emanuele  R: Re  D: D’  I: Italia  Means: long live the king Vittorio Emanuele of Italy  Viola – bigger than a violin (has more wood) o Viola has 4 strings that tune: C G D A o Violin has 4 strings with a 5 higher: G D A E  Tema con Variationi – theme with variation  Minuet – meter: triple  Polonaise – meter: triple; 3-4 time  Tune of song heard in class: o Twinkle twinkle little star o Bah bah black sheep o Mozart’s arrangement: French folk song o Meter: 4-4 time; duple o Disjunct versus conjunct  Scale  Word borrowed from Italian (La Scala – the ladder)  Ladder has steps on it; when you have scales you go by individual rungs of the ladder o Many variations in the melody – when the tempo picks up  Each one has a lot more notes  One of the ways of varying a melody is to make more notes  It still comes in the original notes but h
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