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Western University
Music 1102A/B
Henry Meredith

CLASS NOTES from our Secretaries Anush Mahindhan and Alec Sherman Presented in chronological order by date but also identified by author Minor spelling errors have been corrected without comment and additional explanations or clarifications and other comments from Dr Hank are noted in brackets September 9 2013Music Lecture Notesfrom Anush Chordophonea string instrument AerohoneAir column to make sound Fluteedgevibrated aerophone PianoChordophone Vocalist Aerophone When we say lipvibrated aerophone it does not matter what the instrument is made up of It could be made of plastic or wood or brass or other material Thus brass instrument can be a less accurate name for the category September 11 2013Listening to Music Lecturefrom Anush ThemeVariations Theme is a melody upon which many composers or improvisers create variations Ah vous diraije maman a French folksong which is the same tune that we sing to the words Twinkle twinkle Little Star GruppetoItalian means a little group of notes The word Piano is Italian and means soft or softly Long name for piano was fortepiano or pianoforte which means it is an instrument that can play both soft and loud as opposed to its predecessors the harpsichord and clavichord which mostly just played at one volume level Review Chordophone is a string instrument in which sound comes from strings chords It is important to be aware of what produces the music The medium for music is sound Dr Hank calls this the timbral element of music what is making the sound The term rounded binary refers to a type of binary or TwoPart FORM or structure in music which means a section that is finalized or ended by repeating the starting or beginning section An example of this is twinkle twinkle RepetitionContrastessential in music and most art forms Happy Birthday is a theme or melody but could be played with different variations such as being played in a minor rather than major mode or key on the pianoKnowledge plus repetition equals affection The trebleclef is also called a Gclef because the swiggle goes around the g
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