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Western University
Music 1170A/B
John Pippen

taqsim - improvisitory piece. For instruments only -it is an independent piece -The taqsim could be part of a larger work. - it is not a free for all, there are a lot of rules. -It is organized what is called using paragraph structure. Each taqasim is made up of multiple paragraphs -Its like climbing up a mountaint and you move through different tetra chords and then you have these runs that bring you back home ( it is similar to sonata form) sama’i - composed structure of music Taslim(refrain) Khana ( composed melody) - goes Taslim, Khana, Taslim, Hana, etc -T-K,T, K2, T-K3,T,K4,T - Kind of like verse chorus. There is a different solo each Khana – During Tesline is hetrophonic and the Khana’s are call and response – Riqq - related to the tambourine -it is a membranaphone but has idiophone components. -There is a wide range of instruments qafla:Astatement that ends a paragraph or a sentence. It is kind of like a PAC in western music. Ghunna :, highly desirable sound,Nasal sound. Participant Observation - Ethnomusicologists mix eticAND emic approaches. – You do both observing and you act as a participant Music’s uses -Can be overt ( very easy to understand) -Can be subtle ( May take long years of familiarity and long years of analysis. All music has a use -Ask yourself what the music is used for and why it was created - It can provide a narrative ( movies) -Bonding ( -convince people to shop there -Music used in advertising Comon Uses -Form/maintain identity -Worship/contact the divine -communicate ideology -Accompany ritual -shape emotion -deal with social change -redefine tradition -coordinate work -aesthetic appreciation -trance -healing -register protest -Promote consumption -Chase away udesirables -torture -symbolic representation -inspire physical response -enforce conformity to societal norms -maintain stability of tradition -help integrate society Religion and music in the Arab World: Arab world consists of :Mauritanuan,Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, SaudiArabia, Iraq, Yemen, Oman, Somalia -2% are christian -2% are Jewish -Arab World birthplace to three monotheistic religions - Predominant religion Islam ( 91%) - Only 20% of world’s Muslims live inArab Religion and Music -contributes to shared musical traditions -use of chanted recitation -Azan ( Sacred reci
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