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Nursing 1160A/B Midterm: Lab review week 6

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Nursing 1160A/B
Karen Ferguson

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Review Questions Week 6  Accuracy in BP measurement is crucial! Rank order the following steps to ensure this: o Locate brachial pulse o Place cuff arrow above pulse o Apply cuff 2.5cm above the antecubital fossa o Place diaphragm over brachial artery  Assessing oxygenation, comfort, and safety is part of every interaction o True  The client complains of parasthesias. Which of the following describes this S data? o Tingling or pricking sensation; therefore, it is neuropathic pain  Which of the following is correct with respect to the duration of acute pain? o It is the result of injury to tissue  The client complains of falls due to the loss of balance? Which part of the brain is likely affected? o The cerebellum  The client is sitting in the chair when you enter the room. You immediately notice a lop-sided smile. What should you do next? o Assist the client to bed while asking how they feel  Which of the following would you ask if the client complains of frequent headaches? o How often do you experience headaches o Do you have a history of high blood pressure o Is there anything that reduces them? Worsens them?  Match the following terms to the correct interpretation/definition o Confused: Prime minister is Pierre Trudeau o Reduced level of consciousness: drowsy o Inappropriate: airplanes are blue o Decorticate: flex when pain applied  Decorebric: extend when pain applied  The corr
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