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Western University
Nursing 2256Q/R/S/T
Sue Anthony

Child Health Study Notes Child Health GrowthDevelopmentWEEK 1 Theorist Theories Descriptions Oral Stage birth1 yearsThe baby obtains pleasure and Freudcomfort through the mouth Anal Stage 13 years The child derives gratification fromcontrol over body excretions Phallic Stage 36 years The child initially identifies withthe parent of the opposite sex butby the end of this stage hasidentified with the samesex parent Latency Stage 612 years The child places importance onprivacy and understanding thebody Genital Stage 1218 years The adolescents focus is on genital functions and relationship Trust Vs Mistrust 01 years The baby establishes a sense of Eriksontrust when basic needs are met Autonomy Vs ShameDoubt 13 The child is increasingly years independent in many spheres of life Initiative Vs Guilt Stage 36 years The child likes to initiate playactivitiesIndustry Vs Inferiority 612 years The child gains a sense of self worth from involvement inactivities Identity Vs Role Confusion 1218 The adolescents search for selfyears identity leads to independence from parents and reliance on peers Sensorimotor Stage 01 years The baby moves from learning and Piagetsensory input Sensorimotor Stage end The child shows increasing Preoperational Stage beginning 1 curiosity and explorative behavior3 years Language skills improve Preoperational Stage 36 years The child shows increasingly verbalbut some limitations in thoughtprocesses Causality is oftenconfused so the child may feelresponsible for causing an illness Concrete Operational Stage 612 The child is capable of mature years thought when allowed tomanipulate and see objects Formal Operational Stage 1218 The adolescent is capable of years mature abstract thoughtKohlberg Preconventional 47 Conventional 711Postconventional 12HOW are children different than adultsSmallerDont recognize causeeffect very blunt when speakingMost children have a greater body surface to weight ratio SO y Sunburnsdehydration are more common and less capacity to deal with it organs are immatureKids make their presence known y Communicate through crying actions facial expressions y Kids cannot judge something bad or harmful y They dont have the physical capacity to move themselves out of harms wayHOW are childrenadults similarExperience challenges to physical social psychoemotional and cultural healthwellbeing needsWill need a nurse at some point in their lifeYoung boys determine health as a physical thing ie jumping All pain for kids up to about four is localized in their stomach QA 1 Vaccines do NOT cause autism ie thimerosal 2 Hep B is NOT part of infant immunization protocol 3 A telephone interview is NOT a good way to do GD surveillanceREVIEW CASE STUDY ON ADA Children with Respiratory InfectionsWEEK 1 Differences in Childs Upper Airway Significance Small oral cavity and LARGE TONGUE Great potential for obstruction nasal patency crucial Rapid growth of lymph tissue during early childhood Larger tissue in smaller pharyngeal structures infection atrophy after age 12 can easily cause obstruction Larynx and glottis high in necklong floppy epiglottisIncreased chance of aspiration vulnerable to narrowing airway and resultant obstructionThyroid cricoid and tracheal cartilages immature and Easily collapse when neck is flexed further narrowing incomplete airway less protective of the glottisLarge amount of soft tissue and loosely anchored Increases likelihood of airway edema and obstructionmucous membranes lining length of airway Fewer functional muscles in the airway Less able to compensate for edema spasm trauma may swallow more mucous than be able to sneeze or cough out
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