Nursing 3340A/B Study Guide - Final Guide: Null Hypothesis, Statistical Hypothesis Testing, Chi-Squared Distribution

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Estimate variance by sampling and calculating in a sample. Compare differences in a sample to see if they are the same or statistically different while accounting for sample error. Allows testing of several null hypotheses at once compare without increasing chance of type i error: recognize the conditions and assumptions for the use of the various types of anova; Used for numeric/continuous data, independent or dependent samples. Differences of means of three or more groups. Observations within groups are independent of one another. Observation in a sample are independent between groups. Homogeneity of variance: understand what within (subject) and between (group) variability refers to and how they can influence the anova results; Equivalent of one-way but for related groups. Happens multiple times i. e. at 1, 3 and 6 months. Order of treatment received impacts the outcome randomly assigning interventions. Previous treatments continue to have effect through next treatment: understand what the f-statistic means in an anova; and;