Nursing 3910A/B Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Intravenous Therapy, Health System, Primary Nursing

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Hospital environment: nightingale: put the patient in the best condition for nature to act upon him , context 1: acuity, hierarchy changes, context 2: no longer a single provider treating a single illness. End of life decisions, qol vs. quantity: tendency to view those who are proficient with technology as competent (nurses) What challenges does the health care system/hospital face: wait times, outbreaks, funding, nurse/client ratio. Is the health care system integrated: a client is admitted to hospital, treated, discharged, do clients take their medications after discharge from hospital, after heart attack most patients stop taking life-saving drugs. Chronic critical illness: family burden, communication, aging doesn"t make people sick chronic illnesses do. Primary nursing: total care from bscn nurse, pros: client centred care, cons: threat from cost containment. Infiltration/extravasation: phlebitis (mechanical vs. chemical, volume/fluid overload, bleeding. Reptile: redness, edema, pain, temperature, leaking, embolism. Recommended: delivers an exact dose, volume and medication. If you are diabetic, have a blood clot.