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Philosophy 2080
James Hildebrand

TitleMOS 2275A Quiz th October 7 Professor King Management and Organizational Studies - Business Law I UWO Type: d) Exam with Answers Quiz #1_ Started: October 7 12:52 PM Questions: 10 1. (Points: 10) Ron took Mike for a ride in Ron's airplane. Ron did not instruct Mike to put on a seatbelt, which any reasonable pilot would have done. As a result, when the plane landed, Mike's head hit the windshield and Mike suffered a concussion. Mike had a rare disorder which meant that hitting his head caused him far more damages than a normal person. If Mike was wearing a seatbelt, he would have suffered $1,000 of damages. If Mike did not have his rare condition, he would have suffered $10,000. In fact, Mike suffered $100,000 damages. Ron is liable to Mike for: A. Nothing. B. $1000. C. $10,000. D. $100,000. E. $1,000,000. 2. (Points: 10) On a radio talk show, Judy publicly stated that her ex-husband Jerry was a liar. She made the statement while telling a true story in which Jerry told her he was going to Las Vegas but actually spent the weekend in a local hotel with his secretary, with whom he was having an affair. The statement damaged Jerry's reputaion and, as a result, he lost his job. Which is true: A. Judy is not liable to Jerry. B. Judy is liable to Jerry for the tort of defamation. C. Judy is liable to Jerry for the tort of slander. D. Judy is liable to Jerry for the tort of libel. E. Judy is liable to Jerry for negligent misrepresentation. 3. (Points: 10) Mr. Smith is a lawyer handling a very complicated litigation file relating to the alleged negligence of an architect. According to the law, Mr. Smith must act: A. As a reasonable lawyer would act. B. As a reasonable architect would act. C. As a reasonable person who is neither a lawyer nor an architect would act. D. In a way that prevents him making mistakes. 4. (Points: 10) Sheila has borrowed her company's forklift for the weekend, so that she can move her personal belongings from her old apartment to her new apartment. While pulling up to the new apartment in the forklift, Sheila drives the forklift into a parked car, damaging the car. True or false: Sheila's company
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