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Philosophy 2080 Final: Question - Book 4

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Philosophy 2080
James Kow

BOOK 4 WHAT IS THE STATE STRUCTURE AND THE SOUL STRUCTURE OF JUSTICE? State Structure of Justice  Recognizing justice at a political level  The goal of building a city is to make everyone happy as a whole – not making one group happy at the expense of others  There will be no wealth or poverty in the city because there will be no money  There is no need for laws o Guardians will deal with any difficulties pertaining to policy as they are educated and hold true knowledge  Guardians are required to share everything in common, including kids and wives o There is a lack of possession and family  Guards are required to protect their education about anything else o If education is not protected there will be a lack of control for future rulers  4 virtues must be identified within the city in order for it to be “the best city” 1. Wisdom = guardians hold the virtue of wisdom; their knowledge of how to run a city is deemed as wisdom – the average non-philosopher could not the ideal city 2. Courage = auxiliaries hold the virtue of courage; they are courageous as they fight to protect the city 3. Moderation = people should not live in a city of extreme wealth or poverty a. Wealth leads to laziness and poverty leads to rebellion a.i. Each resident is happy with their occupation 4. Justice = properly performing your own role and not interfering with other people’s roles Soul Structure of Justice  Recognizing justice at an individual level Three Components of the Soul
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