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Regina v. Campbell

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Philosophy 2080
James Hildebrand

CRIMINAL LAW REGINAL V CAMPBELL KEARNS DCJ y She did in Edmonton unlawfully take part as a performer in an immoral performance at Chez Pierres y Everyone commits an offence who takes part or appears as an actor performer or assistance in an capacity in an immoral indecent or obsceneperformance entertainment or representation in a theatre y The appellant danced on stage before an audience At the start of per performance she was wearing some clothes by the end she wasnt wearing any y S170makes it a crime for anyone to appear nude in a public placedeclared that it isi a breach of moral standard in Canada y Appellant lacked the necessary mens rea for this offence y She had refused to engage to do this performance because she relied upon the statement made to her y Ruled that we could go ahead with bottomless dancing y The facts believed by the accused would have accorded him a defencey I understand that proposition to be correct because if there is a mistake of mixed fact and law then there is a mistake of fact y That is not a mistake of fact that is a m
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