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Western University
Philosophy 2080
James Hildebrand

CRIMINAL LAW DURESS R v Paquette MARTLAND J y During the course of a robbery at the Pop Shoppe an innocent bystander was killed by a bullet from a rifle fired by one Simard The robbery was committed by Simard and one Clermont together with the appellant jointly charged with noncapital murder Both pleaded guilty to this charge The appellant was not present when the robbery was committed or when the shooting occurred y Everyone is a party to an offence whoActually commits itDoes or omits to do anything for the purpose of aiding any person to commit itAbets any person in committing it y On the day of the robbery Clermont telephoned the appellant for a ride as his own car was broken Clermont told him to drive to the Pop Shoppe because Clermont wanted to rob it appellant refused Clermont pulled his gun and threatened to kill him State he was afraid and drove around the block After the robber and homicide Clermont and Simard attempted twice unsuccessfully to get into the appellants car Crown witnesses supported this latter statement y The defence are asserting the Paquette participated in this robbery because he
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