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Self Induced Intoxication

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Philosophy 2080
James Hildebrand

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CRIMINAL LAW SELFINDUCED INTOXICATION Preamble Whereas the Parliament of Canada recognizes that violence has a particularly disadvantaging impact on the equal participation of woman and children in society and on the rights of women and children to security of the person and to the equal protection and benefit of the law as guaranteed by s71528 of the Canadian Charter of Rights Whereas Parliament of Canada close association between violence and intoxication may be used socially and legally to excuse violence particularly violence against women and children Whereas the potential effects of alcohol and certain drugs on human behaviour will not cause a person to act involuntarily Whereas moral view that people who while in a state of self0induced intoxication violate the physical integrity are blameworthy in relation to their harmful conduct and should be held criminally accountable for it 33
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