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Constructive Crimes

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Philosophy 2080
James Hildebrand

CRIMINAL LAW CONSTRUCTIVE CRIMES REGINA V PARE y Judgement of the Quebec Court of Appeal dismissing an appeal by the accused from his conviction for first degree murder and substituting a conviction for second degree murder WILSON J y Murder in first degree murder when the death is caused b a person while the person is committing indecent assault y Mar Andre Pare murdered a 7 year old boywhether the respondent murdered the child while coming the indecent assault THE FACTS y Pare then 17 met Steve a 7 year old on the suggestion the two went swimming Pare offered to take Duranleau to look at some used cars Pares real motive was to get Duranleau alone in order to have sexual relations with him Duranleau wanted to leave but Pare told him not to Indecently assaulted him Pare sat up and got dressed At this point Duranleau told Pare that he intended to tell his mother abo
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