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Dpp v. Smith

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Philosophy 2080
James Hildebrand

CRIMINAL LAW DPP v SMITH VISCOUNT KILMUIR LC y 1960 the respondent accompanied by a man was driving a motor car through Woolwich Back of the car were sacks containing scaffolding clips that they had just stolen Police officer on point duty who was acquainted with the respondent came to the drivers window and spoke to him PC Meehan told the respondent when the traffic was released to draw in to his nearside Respondent began to do so PC Meehan walked beside the car the respondent accelerated and began to run with the car shouting to the officer on point to get on to the police station PC Meehan succeeded in hanging on he was thrown off the car and under a bubble car coming in the opposite direction he died y Someone in the car trying to push the officer off y He did not realize the officer was hanging onto the car until the officer fell off and that he could not keep a straight course having regard to the weight of metal in the backdefence of accident y Case of manslaughter and not murder y It would seem that this observation was fully justified on the evidencey The defence of acc
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